Design Collaboration

Design Collaboration is the most critical service we provide. Working with Clients and our many essential engineering and design consultants involves constant collaboration. It’s how things get done, and done well. Our consultants make up Structural Engineers, Landscape Architects, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineers, and Kitchen Designers to name a few. Our Clients create the drive and personalization to each project. We are here for the Client, and it’s our utmost goal to produce buildings and spaces that fit their needs.

Space Planning

Space planning, or programming means that we can help you with how your design functions and what parts and pieces make up the project. It’s big idea thinking with lots of trace paper, colored markers, and bubble diagrams.

Project Management

Project Management is the logistics of how a project gets put together and built. A project manager is the project lead and responsible for coordinating all the moving parts that come with Architecture. It’s a tough job, but a very important one to the success of our projects.


Sustainability is inherently in all of our designs. We believe in the importance of utilizing energy-efficient design strategies, and designing buildings that don't burden the existing landscape and environment. The majority of our employees are LEED accredited professionals.

Our project types include:

  • Custom Residential – New Construction and Large Remodels
  • Multi-family Living
  • Restaurant and Retail
  • Urban Infill
  • Civic and Community Design
  • Public Works
  • Medical